Meeting Children’s Needs During Difficult Times

As the weather changes and kids return to school, 2020 has presented some unprecedented challenges for those that are trying to adopt a “new normal.”  Even in St. Charles County, school districts have not been unison in action.  Some districts have decided to return to school for 5 days a week, some have adopted a […]

Fostering Continued Bonds: An Important Element of the Grief Process

It has been said that great love equates to great grief.  Mitch Albom, stated in Tuesdays with Morrie, “Death ends a life, not a relationship” When a loved one dies, there is a gaping hole felt in the mourner’s life.  Grief does not end.  It is a journey that has many unexpected turns and valleys.  […]

Suicide Prevention Awareness in September

During the past few months of the pandemic and community quarantine, it has become abundantly clear that there has been an overall decline in the country’s mental health.  Depression and anxiety are increasing.  The combination of a downturn in the economy, people losing jobs, and the lack of interaction with others, has created many feelings […]

Creating New Traditions out of Necessity…and Trying to Make the Best of a Difficult Year

The holiday season is looking different this year amidst the pandemic.  Some families are choosing to meet outside under space heaters, or they are making gatherings smaller than usual.  People are abandoning regular traditions and inventing new ones to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Although gatherings appear to different, there are some things that […]

“Not the Same New Year Resolutions”

There was not an official poll taken for this article, but most people that I speak with in private practice, grief groups, and professional and personal social circles are happy to say goodbye to the year 2020.  It has been a difficult year for so many.  Many have lost jobs, businesses and many have lost […]

17 Years Later….A Mother in Mourning

David Kessler once said, “The greatest loss you will ever experience is your own.” As a grief counselor and educator I use that quote to validate a person’s experience and reiterate the fact that grief is unique to each individual. This past week I have reflected greatly upon the death of my own son and […]