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About the Center for Hope and Healing

The Center for Hope and Healing is a private practice that provides individual therapy to individuals and families going through life transitions and mental health challenges such as the death of a loved one, divorce, and serious illness of self or loved one. Our goal is to help individuals  foster resiliency, increase problem solving and coping skills, reduce stress reactions, and develop healthy relationships, thereby improving overall wellness. Counseling those who need guidance and support through various life transitions has become a much needed service. Our society and communities are changing so quickly we sometimes need to lean on others to process the many changes that are taking place and how those changes impact our lives. There are no certainties in life except change.

The Licensed Professional Counselors and the Center for Hope and Healing are here to assist you.

Please call 636-328-0878 or email KristenErnst@CHHCounseling.com to schedule an appointment.

The Center for Hope and Healing, St. Charles County

Services Provided

  • Evidence-based individual and family counseling
    • Confidential Virtual Counseling
    • In Person Support Groups
  • Grief Education Classes for all losses
  • Education and training
    • Virtual Education and Training for the Workplace
  • Crisis Intervention
    • On site crisis intervention